masso anti-strascico nettuno

Anti-trawling block “NETTUNO”

The patented concrete anti-trawling block “NETTUNO”, selected for the first installation undertaken in agreement with the Greenpeace environmentalist organization and the Ministry for the Merchant Marine, is an improvement of the artificial blocks previously utilized for experimental sites in Italy and abroad.

The aim of protection from trawl fisheries achieved by the “NETTUNO” block is completed by the piling methods studied.

The main characteristics of the cellular blocks are the considerable specific surface useful for colonization by edible molluscs together with the objective difficulty in destroying these structures with chained nets or similar.

Experience at Marciana Marina (Livorno), Torre Paola (Latina), Montesilvano (Pescara) and Orbetello (Grosseto) has shown the anti-trawling effectiveness of the pyramid-shaped piles of “Nettuno” blocks, as well as their capacity to attract fish species of the pelagic and sea bottom type.