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Acquatecno, engineering company founded in 1987, it operates in the field of maritime works and the environment. The main activity of the company, in Italy and abroad, is aimed to the study of maritime hydraulics, the mathematical modeling of the incident wave and coastal sediment transport, the port planning, the  design of the coastal engineering works and in offshore (offshore), environmental studies related to the definition of the works of mitigation and compensation of impacts as well as environmental monitoring plans, and, finally, to construction management and safety coordination during design and execution.

The increasing environmental awareness of the public administrations has enabled Acquatecno to extend and enhance its expertise in the marine and coastal environment, both natural and built-up, thus enabling it to acquire specific experience in environmental assessment. The working methodology adopted takes into account the sensitivity of the environment being studied, especially coastal areas, a zone of transition between land and sea, and thus highly subject to many types of human impact; the respect for the characteristics of the site and awareness of the place are thus considered to be essential criteria for undertaking any type of activity, such as planning, scheduling, design, Works Supervision and safety coordination.

Engineering services are contracted to Acquatecno by Regional, Provincial and Municipal administrations, Port Authorities and companies with public sector shareholders, as well as customers in the private sector. In recent years Acquatecno, has provided integrated services for organization and design for the “turnkey” management of the construction of public works, industrial plant and complex infrastructures (general contractor). On the operational level, Acquatecno has adopted the corporate Quality System based on ISO 9001 standard.

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certificazione iso 9001 2017-04