SEALID Floating platform

SEALID is a collaboration of great Italian names such as entrepreneurship and Coopsette Site, Acquatecno and Solidus, united in Insulae Natantes.

SOLIDISLE and SMARTISLE are innovative and intelligent solutions created by a team of specialists of the civil and maritime sector and electronic engineers and systems analysts.

SOLIDISLE is a floating platform that emerges to three meters from the water level, composed of modules, with a surface of variable size. Each module consists of a cylindrical body open on the bottom. The entrance or the water flow depending on the internal air pressure allows the water line and the perfect stability of the structure. The air pressure inside of the cylindrical bodies is enabled by a sophisticated electronic system, designed and built by SEALID, able to compensate for the eccentric loads present that could tilt the platform. The service plan offers a useful space for all system management operations, which house the underground services related to the buildings constructed on the surface.

The platform is modular therefore requires a worksite lighter than the normal marine platforms. The production process is industrialized, the widespread use of prefabrication allows the reduction of time and space necessary to the construction site. The floatation does not necessitate cleaning or dredging of the seabed, or the realization of reclaimed areas, which require massive movements of sediment marini.Una particular application of SEALID technology has also allowed the creation of SMARTISLE, a floating platform semi submarine that has the capability of performing typical functions from the shipbuilding and maritime works.