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Intervention for the completion and management of the tourist Port of Vieste in the context of the assignment of management pursuant to Art. 45-bis of the Navigation Code.

Client: Marina di Vieste S.p.a.
Period of implementation: 2010
Total value of works: Euro 7.895.977,09
Value of our services: Euro 117.000

The project for the completion of the Vieste Marina is the basis of the request for granting under sub-concession pursuant to Art. 45-bis of the Navigation Code by Marina di Vieste S.p.A. The publicly-owned maritime area involved in the project was granted for use for 50 years to Aurora Porto Turistico S.p.a.

The project for completion of the works pursues the following main aims for the correct management of a Marina:

  • the optimization of the exploitation of the harbour to be used for docking facilities for 393 recreational boats over 8 m long;
  • the availability of a dry dock with approximately 252 places for smaller recreational boats lifted with special hoisting devices on request by the users or after planned reservations;
  • the presence of a nautical site for maintenance and related service activities, equipped with a 50 t or more travel lift and a slipway;
  • the presence of a customer service centre;
  • the construction of a green area for occasional or seasonal sports activities and events for local users and other pleasure-boat owners.

The boat storage – workshop facilities, the Port Service Centre and the open air sports area form the three key elements of the project for the on-shore areas, each with its specific features regarding the relationship between the city and the port:

  • the boat storage  – workshop facilities roof has a terrace overlooking the Port in order to return the land-sea view to the public on the Europa waterfront which was otherwise absent;
  • the Port Service Centre and pertaining areas, forming an urban plaza enriched by the fascination of the seafront, a place for social aggregation, meeting and exchange to serve the portion of the city of Vieste equipped with a lower level of urban quality;
  • the open air sports area with the double function of recalling the original nature of the location, and to lessen the effect of the artificiality of the infrastructure.

The boat storage and workshop area is equipped with a travel lift and a slipway. It is designated for boat storage and open-air works, and includes a dry dock. The building that houses the workshops, offices and boatyard for small and medium size vessels is located parallel to the quayside; the terrace overlooking the port is located on the roof.

The Port Service Centre consists of four separate buildings which besides the port management offices and the control tower, also has a café, restaurant, some shops and offices associated with specialized areas (boating articles, charter agencies, boating boutiques, car and motorbike hire etc.) and the necessary toilet facilities. The architecture of the port buildings is inspired by local tradition, as in the old town centre of Vieste. It features an apparently random set of different volumes and of different sizes. The resulting combination of structures also creates the open areas with streets, lanes and plazas.

The open air sports area is a broad organized space in which the central part, designated for playing, is protected by a complex of green walls with considerably varying heights and covered with the typical vegetation of Maquis. The natural aspect provided to this area provides some environmental and landscape compensation for the artificial structuring of this stretch of coast due to the building of the infrastructure, and at the same time produces an undoubted benefit for the local bioclimate.

The port road system and parking areas are situated next to the retaining wall of the Europa waterfront. The port area is accessible from Via della Repubblica to the north-west and from Via Pelagosa to the south-east.

The port road system consists of a 2-lane, 2-direction road with a row of trees; there are three parking areas available, with a total of 81 places.