Strategic Works for the Port of Civitavecchia – 1st Operational Lot: extension of the C. Colombo detached mole for the Service and Ferry Dock. Safety coordination during construction

Client: Port Authority of Civitavecchia
Period of implementation: 2008/2011
Total value of works: Euro 158.000.000,00
Value of our services: Euro 2.000.000,00

The activity of safety coordination during the construction was conducted in compliance with current legislation with a methodology developed by Acquatecno.

The Safety Coordinator during Construction (SCC)

Through his construction site inspector, the SCC has ensured daily checking of the construction site with inspections and meetings, as well as dedicated visits to the site of incipient and associated works. This ensured an adequate and updated knowledge of the safety trends during the works, necessary for the possible prevention of accidents at the workplace or related aspects.

The services provided during the works

The first activity conducted by the Safety Coordinator during the construction (SCC) regarded the critical analysis and updating of the Safety and Coordination Plan, drafted by the Safety Coordinator during design (SCD), appointed by the Client.

This analysis regarded the following macro-phases, identified for the contract concerned:

  • Installation of 3 basins for prefabrication of cellular caissons
  • Prefabrication of cellular caissons
  • Creation of a foundation base
  • Set-up and installation of caissons
  • Filling of caissons from the rear
  • Reinforced concrete superstructure
  • Excavation by means of a dredger and supply to the depositing site
  • Formation of 2 shore quays
  • Construction of a jetty with prefabricated decks
  • Construction of reinforced concrete drilled piles
  • Filling of a “trench” with a deck of prefabricated beams.

Subsequently, the Coordinator’s activity included two main phases:

First Phase – Site preliminary activities

This phase, undertaken before the start of the works, was dedicated to the formal checking of the documents and indications already contained in the Safety and Coordination Plan. The following activities were conducted:

Safety Coordinator during construction summoned the “first coordination meeting”, with the following agenda:

  • Logistics and organization of the SCC’s office;
  • Illustration of the Safety and Coordination Plan and the possible safety operational procedures  identified by the SCC in addition to the same Plan;
  • Illustration of the minimum contents of the Operational Safety Plans, timing and procedures of dissemination;

“Second coordination meeting” with the following agenda

  • Implementation of the Operational Safety Plan by the contractor and firms performing the works;
  • Checking of its consistency with le requirements of the Safety and Coordination Plan and with the requirements of the regulations in force;
  • Proposal by the SCC of possible amendments and integrations to the Operational Safety Plan;

Second phase – coordination for the safety during the construction of the works

During the construction of the works, the visits and inspections undertaken by the SCC and his staff were the most important activity for checking the following:

  • the implementation by the contractor of the requirements of the Safety and Coordination Plan and the Operational Safety Plans;
  • any interferences and critical aspects between the various works.

Checking activities at the construction site

Checking and coordination activities of the works from the safety point of view and the checking of the workplaces were undertaken by daily visits to the construction site by the Coordinator’s assistant and periodical visits by the Coordinator.

During this activity, no situations emerged that required the suspension of the works or for which it was not possible to immediately identify the measures or items necessary to limit the risk conditions occurring.

Activities carried out headquarters and construction sites

The activities undertaken both at headquarters and at the construction site essentially regarded the checking of the “Operational Safety Plans” by the application of a checking procedure based on a check-list forming part of the Coordination Register documentation (safety coordination during construction).

Daily coordination register

As already said, the approach adopted for undertaking the work involved the conducting of the activity in compliance with the current legislation, conducted with a methodology developed by Acquatecno.

According to this methodology, the day-to-day events of the construction site were recorded in a “Coordination Register” collecting all the documentation issued.

This enabled the SCC not only to check the activities under way at any time and for the entire duration of the construction site, but also to ensure the complete checking of the safety documentation issued and applicable to the construction site and usable for periodical accounting to the Works Manager.