civitavecchia planimetria

First Operational Lot of the Strategic Works – extension of the C. Colombo Detached Mole, Ferry Dock and Service Dock.

Client: Port Authority of Civitavecchia
Period of implementation: 2008/2011
Total value of works: Euro 158.000.000,00
Value of our services: Euro 2.000.000,00

The 1st Operational Lot of the Strategic Works for the Port of Civitavecchia consists in the extension of the C. Colombo detached mole and in the construction of the Service and Ferry Docks. This implements the provisions of the Port Planning Scheme, in order to enable the Port of Civitavecchia to become a port facility hub in the middle Tyrrhenian area. In physical terms, this means the increase in the length of the quays available, the optimization and specialization of moorings and dedicated on-shore areas. The infrastructure development strategy likewise calls for the removal from the city of types of traffic with the greatest environmental impact.

Our company, together with others, has drawn up the preliminary, final and detailed designs of the above works, whose general features are summarized below.

The extension of the breakwater of the C. Colombo detached mole northwards by over 400 m allows for the protection of the Ferry Dock and the port access channel from wave action, thus ensuring adequate operational efficiency of docking and proper safety conditions for the ships while entering and leaving the Port.

The Ferry Dock has 6 docks for Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax vessels up to 240 m long, utilizing 2 jetties, 2 docking areas for cruise ships with a length of 280 and 300 m along the sections of the quay adjacent to the Service Dock, and finally, a docking area for bulk carriers at the Grain Terminal; if needed, it can also be used for ferry docking.

The Service Dock, situated at the northern end of the Port, next to the Darsena Energetica/Grandi Masse (Large Tanker Dock), is used by the police and military corps stationed in the Port of Civitavecchia (Finance Police, Carabinieri, Coast Guard, Fire Department), Port Operators (mooring operators, pilots, tow boat operators), nautical maintenance services (mechanical workshops equipped with travel-lift dock), bunkering services, the fish market and the docking of the fishing fleet.

The type of construction of the main works of external defense and those of quays interior is represented by cellular caissons in reinforced concrete (over 280 in total), whose types vary depending on the function and the variability of the seabed installation.

The project also includes the deepening of part of the port waters  to build adequate foundation plans for the installation of caissons quay, and to ensure adequate depth  for vessels that must transit in the port and dock to the new docks.

The dredged material will be reused for the formation of the filling and embankments and for the filling of the cells of the caissons. In particular, the materials having the best features from the geotechnical point of view will be used for the formation of embankments quay while those coarser will be used as “solid ballast” to fill the cells of the caissons.