Conca di Navigazione, Monticelli d'Ongina, Emilia-Romagna, Italia

Construction of the new navigation lock at Serafini Island, in order to go around the regulating weir at that point of the River Po, in the municipality of Monticelli d’Ongina, Province of Piacenza.

Client: AIPO Agenzia Interregionale per il fiume Po
Period of implementation: 2012-2016
Total value of works: Euro 30.679.437,49
Value of our services: Euro 1.432.988,67

The measure concerned the construction of the new navigation lock at Serafini Island, in order to go around the regulating weir at that point of the River Po, in the municipality of Monticelli d’Ongina, Province of Piacenza.

The solution developed involves the construction of a new basin to replace the existing one which, making it unusable for most of the year, and of a stretch of navigable canal on a route different from the existing one.

The existing lock will no longer be utilized for navigation, but will partly be exploited as the location for the construction of the works to enable fish to swim upstream.

The project also includes the necessary modifications to the local road system, also requiring the construction of a new bridge over the navigable canal and the setting back of the embankment where the current municipal road between San Nazzaro and Isola Serafini is located.

In particular, the measures for the construction of the new lock will be as follows:

  • Roadworks: the local modification of some road connections in order to adapt to the new layout of the works is planned. The road works regard the portion along the new embankment, the construction of a roundabout at San Nazzaro and the construction of a bridge over the navigable canal downstream of the lock to connect the two banks to the existing roads.
  • Embankment: this work ensures the continuity of hydraulic closure of the basin upstream of the lock and continuing downstream with connection to the new bridge.
  • Navigation lock: the lock consists of a basin and upstream and downstream gates.
  • Electro-mechanical works: these form the system closing and supply system for the lock. More specifically, these works are the upstream and downstream lock gates, the emergency stop logs, and the regulating gates of the supply waterworks.

The Works Manager carried out his activity in the preliminary phase before the delivery of the works by the verification of the technical and economic feasibility of the project, and during the construction activities, and will continue up to the inspection phase.

During the work, the Works Supervision performed inspections at the plants for steel processing and the concreting plants, and assisted the client in the management of any overlapping with the jurisdiction of other bodies, as well as assessing the quality of the materials called for in the Detailed Design during the phases for supplies, transport and installation according to the protocol for incoming checks of the materials and supplies conducted in compliance with the legislation in force, and verifying the proper performance of the contract works, also in compliance with the approved design.

All the activities conducted for providing the services involved were undertaken by adopting the procedures set forth in the Company’s Quality Manual.

During the initial phase of the works, some critical aspects emerged leading to the revision of the original scheduling in order to allow the solving of these problems. However, no suspension of the works was necessary.

During the works, the Works Manager was appointed to draw up 2 change and additional expert’s reports.

Pursuant to Art. 132 of Legislative Decree 163/2006 and subsequent amendments and additions, the aim of the Change Expert’s Report was the improvement of the technical and structural aspects of the contract works, in particular:

  • provisional works in reinforced concrete (diaphragms)
  • optimization of the structural works for the lock
  • overcoming the overlapping with ENEL high- and medium-voltage lines and TERNA lines.